Tech Support

Collector's Assistant comes with an extensive help feature in the program.  But you can also check Terry's Tips and see if he's already answered the question for you.  If that doesn't help there are a couple more options for you...

Carlisle Development is the developer of the Collector's Assistant software and provides technical support and service packs.  The latest service packs for version 5, 6, 7, and 8 are located on their page.


Carlisle Development - Download Area


Send mail to Tom at Carlisle Development

I'm an avid user myslf of the Collectors Assistant Plus software, as well as personally being involved with the devolpment of the latest version of the database software.  I may be able to help you.  You can reach me through the Contact Us page.


Send mail to the HappyChipper himself, Terry Shaffer

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