Collector's Assistant

Collector’s Assistant is a comprehensive inventory software for casino collectibles of all types with an extensive preloaded database of casino chips.  The preloaded chip reference database includes completed informational fields along with high quality scans.  It’s quick and easy to copy one or many items right into your collection.


  • Data entry screens and report formats optimized for casino memorabilia collectors.
  • Flexible grouping of your casino chips and casino related collectibles.
  • Preloaded database of comprehensive listings with pictures for over 6,000 casino chips.
  • Support for other casino chip categories (dice, silver strikes, slot cards, etc.)
  • Wide array of reports for inventory books, picture catelogs, index cards, and labels.
  • Sorting, grouping, and filtering of your collection data. It lets you see exactly what you want when you want.
  • Preloaded choice lists (user extendible) to speed data entry.
  • Export data into other products.
  • User customizable data entry screens giving you control to make changes.
  • Backup and restore functions directly within the program.
  • Pack and Go facility makes it easy to move the program to another computer, including all of your collections. 

Collection Screens

You can have many different types of casino collectibles.   The program comes with preloaded formats all ready for you.  It’s quick and easy to add more. No matter what casino item you might collect….you can modify a display just for that type of item. Here are some sample screens that are available right out of the box!

Casino Chip Layout
Slot CardLayout big_screen_pc
Playing Card Layout

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Report Capabilities
You can print your collection out as an Inventory book with pictures and text. Take it with you to your next chip show and never have to worry about buying a chip that you already have. You can even create your own price guide! You can save the report as a .pdf file and put it on a website or smart phone.


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You can also print a report in simple text listing

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Have your reports anyway you want them. Add or delete fields and columns. You chose how you want it modified. With Collector’s Assistant you have the power to change the look. 

Dealers: You can track your sales with detailed information and profit loss graphs and information. 

Insurance and Estate planning
You can track the value of your collection with details of purchase price and selling price of items along with profit/loss. Fields are provided for details on who you bought the item from and who it was sold to. There’s even a built in contact address book. We even provide the capabilities to specify the desired disposition of all items and collections for estate planning.

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